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Site Updated 09/09/16

Due to lack of interest, we have suspended the tour.  We will continue to play on Fridays, however
just not officially as a tour event. We will also have contest entries for those wishing to continue playing.
Please check schedule because we will continue to post events. Thank You!

    There is "No" obligation to play for prizes, but we offer an optional $15 prize pool that does include weekly skills contests. An optional Skins Contest is offered as well!!

    We play different courses in the Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, Lebanon, Gettysburg and Lancaster areas.
    Join us on Friday mornings!

Weekly prizes awarded to 50% of the field, based on a NET scoring system, and all money collected is 100% paid out.

    Option to bring and play in your own foursome.

    Choose only the events you want to play.   

This tour is designed for the purpose of having fun, playing competitive golf, meeting new people, and playing new courses weekly.  We welcome players of all skill levels, as this tour is a NET tour based on course handicap.  There is also a prise for the player with the lowest gross score.  If you have any suggestions or comments to improve the tour, or if there is a specific course you would like us to add to our schedule, please contact us directly

     Seniors 65 and older will have the option to play Senior Tees. Adjusted handicap according to course slope and rating will apply.

    We are compiling a list of players that will be participating in tour events.  Add your name to the list by contacting the tour either by email...

centralpagolftour@gmail.com or call 717-810-7401


Cliff Unfried, Website Designer and Administrator
Any Questions, email me... cliff.unfried@comcast.net